For how many trips I've made to Vancouver, either for business in that city, or as a hub leading me elsewhere, I didn't realize that I was actually landing in the Richmond, or that it had so much to offer as an airport city. Yes, it's a place to start when you want to head off to Asia, other BC destinations (Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, Kelowna, etc.), Hawaii and other Pacific hot spots, or even to the American north-west; however, Richmond itself it has its own character. I was amazed to learn that over 65% of the population is Asian. I was shocked to find out the housing prices - a million dollars might get you a tear-down or fixer-upper. And I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of that very expensive land is dedicated to green space, including Terra Nova and Lulu Winery, a community garden and winery we feature on the show. I was impressed that multiculturalism thrives in the city with cohabitation and cooperation amongst the diverse cultures and religions - the 'Highway to Heaven' features houses of worship for Buddhist, Islam, Jewish, Christian, Mennonite and Hindu faiths. If you're looking for competitive rates (compared to its higher priced sister, Vancouver merely 15 minutes away), easy airport in-out access, and still have an opportunity to get out of the boardroom and DO something while you're there, Richmond should be on your radar.